Claire Wray


Manchester, England. 

โ€œQuite often, street photography pays attention to extraordinary occurrences within a city. In contrast to the unusual and sometimes fantastical, Claire Wray manages to capture the more realistic, everyday perspective of the daily life of Manchester.

Wrayโ€™s ever-changing โ€˜Mancโ€™ characters and backdrops show Manchester for its true self. The delightful personalities to be found on public transport, the caffeine-addicts through steamy cafรฉ windows and the rushing feet of business along rainy pavements. We are not only given a taste of Manchester, but a rushing, blurry, reflection of Britain as a grumpy, ageing, multicultural nation.โ€

- Article Magazine. 

Alley Cat Books

Established January 2020. 

Alley Cat Books is the independent publishing outlet of Artist Claire Wray. 

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